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Coaching sessions can be tailored and planned to suit most requirements. They can be arranged on a one-off basis to identify a specific problem, or for the client who wishes to have a coaching programme produced for longer term performance development. All long-term programmes are produced using written session plans, where the client will have their input on the contents, including training, the duration of the programme, and the level of expectation. They will also have access to a sports-vision specialist, advice on the correct exercises for shooting sports, gun-fit, and other coaching material. Modern coaching technology including Coaches Eye video analysis is also available. The venues for coaching sessions will be arranged to suit the requirements of the client and coaching environment.


Game Shooting. The same level of coaching is also available to clients who shoot game. Sessions can be arranged on an hourly basis at a suitable venue, or complete accompanied days in the field.


Costs. All coaching cost are calculated, after considering, the client’s requirements, venues, and expenses. Please contact me to discuss this with you. Telephone 07771 710021 or email dbshooting@gmx.com



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